Figurative Art

Lisa Lichtenfels
April 13, 2009, 4:53 pm
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From her early beginnings at Walt Disney Studios where she developed three dimensional figurines with posable skeletons and nylon stocking skins, until now, 25 years later, Lisa has explored the human figure.

Her amazing ability to create stunningly life like figures from nylon, foam, wire and fiberfill is truly remarkable. From the lawless skin of youth to the character found in the wrinkles of age, Lisa is able to make us believe. See more of her fabulous work on her website.


Lisa states, “Today I create the illusion of flesh by mimicking nature — basically using materials that feel and behave like what they represent. “Bones” are made with wire shaped by heavy felt, “muscles,” simulated by batting, are attached to the bones in the correct anatomical way, and this all makes a perfect frame for the fiberfill and nylon that beautifully simulates skin. This inside-out construction allows for refinement over time — the more I understand, the more I can incorporate. Forinstance, about 7 years ago, an improved pelvis design revolutionized my ability to do nudes.”


This portrait of a woman on a camel is another example of Lisa’s ability to draw you into her sculptures.


Judy Onofrio
April 10, 2009, 6:50 pm
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I’m excited to offer my first post on figurative art. Judy Onofrio has to top my list of figurative artists that continue to amaze and inspire me.

acrobatic_feat_smI have been a follower of Judy Onofrio for years. I love her humor and her ability to create such joyful mix media sculptures.

She carves many of her objects from basswood. She often uses vintage found object such as buttons, costume jewelry, ceramic objects and more. Her pieces require more than the passing glance. I hope someday to be able to view her work in person.  If you want to spend some time making yourself smile, see more of Judy’s work on her website.


This is a fabulous pieces from  years ago that you probably  won’t find on her website. It  was one of the first works I  saw by Judy and I was  hooked.


Artists statement “I consider myself extremely lucky. Every day, I have the opportunity to construct a world of memory, humor and stories through my work in the studio. Best of all, I live in that world and invite others in. There is nothing I would rather do and no place I would rather be. My life and art are best when on a continuous roll, including everything I desire—love, happiness, good friends, success, and a working concrete mixer.”